Hobbies and handmade as a source of your income


Handmade products are fashionable. That’s cool. This is better than unified items from a chain store. Without a handmaid, there is no real comfort or uniqueness.

So why is my hand-knitted sweater not appreciated, why is no one in a hurry to order the same? Why does a friend not want to hang a picture I embroidered on her wall, and a neighbor hides away in the dresser cute wicker napkins?Why doesn’t my niece wear kanzashi-style rubber bands?

But I just wanted nothing-to combine business with pleasure and make a favorite activity a source of small additional income. Probably, people lie, they do not appreciate the thing made with the soul, they give a cheap standard template.

In fact, you can turn a hobby into an income-generating job.

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A former resident of Lipetsk, Natalia Snegireva, who moved to the Urals, did it. Now, together with her husband, she is engaged in leather — making exclusive products for every taste and color: belts, diaries, purses, bags. Orders are scheduled for six months in advance.

«My favorite hobby, which I have been doing for several years for myself, turned into earning by accident. My husband and I had problems with the amount of work the year before last. People have a crisis, everyone starts saving, we have more and more free time and less and less money. In order not to get depressed, I posted a photo of the belt on one of the forums. Then I made products for myself and as a gift for friends, at the same time I learned to apply drawings to the skin. There was no thought of selling it. But a message came from a forum user who liked the work. She wanted the same as a gift for her husband. Only with a different pattern. She asked if I could take the job. Not for free, of course.

My first thought was to refuse. It’s one thing to come up with sketches for myself or friends I know, it’s another to choose a story for a stranger. On the other hand, there is free time, there are no orders for the main work, and here there is a chance to make a gift, and even improve the financial situation. I calculated the cost of materials, threw in a certain amount for the work (minimum, to justify my work). The girl agreed.

The customer liked the belt, and I was asked if I could make a wallet. I already felt the excitement: why not?.. By the end of the year, my husband and I switched mainly to skin orders. I opened a store on the Internet site «Fair of masters», took a patent from the tax office. Now there are so many orders that I had to forget about the weekend.»

Hobbies can generate income. Because there are always those who do not know how to embroider, knit, sew clothes or toys, make trinkets out of clay, but they really want to have something handmade, exclusive.

Hobbies and handmade as a source of your income

More than 400 needlewomen from Lipetsk are registered at the same» fair of masters » today. Their offerings: sewing, knitting, felting, beading, embroidery, handmade cosmetics, soap, jewelry, batik, airbrushing, photography, carpentry, scrapbooking, decoupage, ceramics, leather goods, kanzashi, carpet making, patchwork — and this is an incomplete list of what craftswomen can do. Some people can buy booties for only 100 rubles, while others find buyers for exclusive evening dresses from 15 to 40 thousand rubles for a product or toy-Tilda for 3 thousand rubles.

On the other hand, on the same forums, some craftswomen complain: buyers do not appreciate their work, do not want to pay a so-called decent price for a handmade product. It doesn’t matter that the potholder is made of cheap fabric, the stitches are crooked, the edges are not processed, and the product itself is not ironed. Manual work can not cost less than 800 rubles (for potholders). They do not hear the arguments of other craftswomen: the price of the product for a novice needlewoman is lower than for an experienced author. And the welded product «tyap-lap» can not even be attributed to manual work. All dissenters are entered in the «black lists» with an arrogant: «Plebeians, they just do not understand that this product is a piece of my soul!»

In order for needlework to help your budget, you need to understand a few rules.

Determine what you will sell and to whom. The same knitting is comprehensive: you can stop at shawls, or products in the technique of «Irish lace», booties and hats for kids, cardigans for business ladies or fashionable youth scarves. And then look for potential customers-on the Internet on the appropriate forums, in reality-in specialized stores, at various fairs.

Gain experience. You only sew for a month? Would you wear that skirt with the lock sewn in? Are you ready to give 5 thousand rubles for a simple blouse, tailored according to the magazine «Burda» ten years ago — it was lying on my mother’s shelf? In this case, do not be offended that customers turn up their noses.

In parallel with this search for master classes and forums for the exchange of experience. Just to make «the same photo frame, but not with pearls, but with shells — you know, pearls are no longer in fashion, shells are cooler.»

Get to know the camera. For a successful sale, you need high-quality photos. A spectacular presentation of the product will increase interest and attract new customers.

And be sure to make the product as for yourself. Even better. Make a curve and sell, justifying the fact that the thing is such, because «handmade» is not to respect yourself and the buyer.